Merika & 'the rest of the west' - Folds, then Melts Down - in a pathetic puddle of pusillanimous pretend virtue!

There’s a lot to be leveraged from the just concluded “Spectral” series: the ‘gleanings’ are heavy, the way forward now clear. Before proceeding however, at this juncture I will spare a few thoughts about the ‘actuality’ of the wests’ present moment -

kind of an ‘oxymoron,’ that - the lack of any ‘act-uality’ on the part of those no longer capable of ‘actively’ securing themselves from harm

gives itself over to the conclusion that there are no more ‘present’ moments in that pending hell zone - the time reference pertinent to the denizens of the benighted wester world can only be one similar to the aftermath of the alleged “Philadelphia Experiment”

- the westerling is almost literally ‘frozen into the bulkheads,’ disoriented, de-segmented, also - \dis-integrating\ as the kill shot contents worm their way through his/her system in a path of destructive malevolence only a true madman could dream up. Mad men/made men\,medical mafiya bought n paid men - in crisp white lab coats = accountants of death.

When I put my boat up on blocks, to leave Amerika for the final time, I was convinced that the end would be coming for it, faster than almost anywhere else. The criminality by which that part of the world has maintained its economic survival for so long was so clear, so out of hand, so desperate, that it was a target too big to miss - for karmic shooters ridden into town with a grudge to fulfill.

Yet here we are, years later… the game has played out such that the first heads on the chopping block will turn out to belong to ‘the blokes’ - John Bull and his sad sack colonials - who are so witlessly intent on getting reamed that they are virtually begging for extinction - in a ‘woke way’ so weird as to beggar belief!

Australia - returning to its’ penal colony’ roots with a vengeance. In ‘old Blighty,’ they’re so beaten down that the soon come disappearance of food and basic necessities is not even a blip pon their stainless utopian fantasy of endless lockdown and work from home bliss! They will die, locked in their homes, no need to even weld the doors, a la Wuhan. Canada - an unbelievably devolved ice palace where everyone ‘white’ is being rapidly marked for despoilment by anybody ‘brown’ - and the process is being helpfully moved along - and paid for - by the cringing maggots ‘elected’ to ‘govern’ over these pathetic wastrels.

[All this is the ‘price’ of ‘higher education’ - I saw it comin forty years hence - and run the other way. Like “Jamiraquoi,” I got my “Soul Education,” and it inoculated me to leftist boolshit, modernism, statism, religion, and every other component of the diseased wester mind.]

Soul EDucation

Can Amerika escape the same fate at this point? Not on your life. But the ending will be longer, drawn out and more bloodly, as there will be more folks with guns and no where left to run.

Well- MAYBE NOT…. “no where”///ahead of the curve fugitives might well take their cue from our little northern adventure - and brush up on their ice fishing\igloo-building, and harpooning skills - as “Greater Gretaland” may prove to be the last redoubt, for Whitey on the run from the hordes of brown skin barbarians set in motion by “kabbalism in action!”

And that’s why we will keep the focus pon the frozen wastelands of the ‘haunted north’ for now. Not only is it the prototypical place for ‘disappearing white men’ … but the initial object of colonization, for an Elizabethan England desperate to compete with Catholic Spain for control over the “New World!”

Tis true - me scabrous crew! Martin Frobisher’s 1577 attempt to establish a colony on Baffin Island predated the much better known efforts farther south - and even Gilberts’ claim of “newfoundland” for the Empire! There are several things that stand in the background of that little known, but ultra-significant fact;

firstly - that it was to mine “gold” that the English were intending to colonize the new world, in imitation of the Spanish. Frobisher had discovered what he believed to be a vast quantity of the yellow stuff on that island.

secondly - that the weather and navigational conditions met with in northern waters varied greatly over time - in great contrast to the bleating of the ‘climate change’ wastrels, over time the ‘weather’ has indeed ‘changed’ muchly - alternating between periods of greater cold and greater warmth, such that, in certain periods much of the ‘frozen Arctic’ lay open to sailing expeditions - the records of which have mysteriously ‘disappeared’ over time!

thirdly - the rise of interest in ‘new world’ colonization by England was very much a product of the imaginations of men like… Francis Bacon… and John Dee! This fact will prove seminal to our storyline. But for now, let’s just introduce Dee as the man was working himself up in paroxysms of passion for the acquisitions ahead = his claim of new world sovereignty being based upon no less than King Arthure - who

not only conquered and got vunder his subiection the ilandes of Irlande, Iseland, Groenland, Friseland…with the lesser Ilands appertaninge to the said Friseland, which are many…, but even vnto the North Poll also, in manner did extend his iurisdiction and sent colonies thether, and into all the iles bewene Scotland and Irland, whereof some are thus named Griseland (by Iseland), Farre Ilands…and the Iles of Orknay. And also seinge Grocland (beyond Groenland) did receive his inhabitants (a colonye of Swedens the most parte) send by Kinge Arthur, yt is probably…that not only the foresaid Friseland with the appurtenances, but also the population pretie Ile Icaria was by his folke also possessed.

Dee - the first ‘semi-official’ magus and kabbalist in a line that would extend thru Newton, on to the offices of MI5 - and the ‘novels’ of Ian Fleming… threw his net of imperial greed all the wider for being a protege of the Prague kabbalist - “Madrigal” rebbe Loew; in his capacity as ‘alchemist’ he shared the lust for shiny metal so much a part of judaist ‘mystical’ musing! Mystical materialism we might well term our lad Dees’ ‘spiritual’ impulses.

Tis hard to imagine that such ‘arcane’ interests could influence the fates of a party of “modern” scientific magnetic explorers like the Franklin Expedition….

and yet….

somewhere along the way - between the embarkation of noble European explorers, on a mission to ‘civilize’ landscapes and the savages who dwelt within them …

and the present moment, when the ‘savage’ white man is being dispossessed not only of his legacy of civility, his claim to sovereignty, and soon enough - even citizenship - all over “North America”

the narrative changed so drastically as to ‘beggar belief’ among those of us who look back in from afar! Leaving it more clear than ever -that -

the premise behind all of my platforms and incarnations has proven to be a correct one; behind all the stirrings of ‘white’ “European” expansionism, to the point of a global ascendance now fast fading,

was a kabbalist talmudic-directed project whose chiefs pulled ALL the strings - and still do! Witness the Venetians, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, English, and now Americanos - all hand puppets of the only power that ever mattered. They ALL go down when the ruling hand says so - and so it sayeth for Whiteys’ last imperial pretensions - now!

In the midst of the horror of watching the supine and cowardly westerling bow down to the motley collection of stooges of color which the $power has assembled as its temporary enforcers

one can only take solace in documenting the stages of this collapse, surrender, and ultimately “dismemberment” of what was - once upon a time - one’s own folk.

Or so I thought. That too - would prove to be just yet another lie… in the long trail of falsehoods by which my entire identity was ‘fashioned’ for me in the fallen lands. Like Frobishers’ Fools Gold, there would prove to be neither riches nor merit to be attained from finding a place to settle within that ‘new world’ of modern merika and its politics of ‘inclusion.’

In 1576, Frobisher set out in three tiny ships to look for China. The largest had only an 18-man crew. Frobisher got to Greenland and thought it was one of the Faeroe Islands. A storm sank one of his three ships. Another defected back to England. He finally reached two large bodies of land. He thought the northern one must be Asia and the southern one America.

Actually he'd found a 150-mile bay running into Baffin Island. On land he met Inuit Indians who laughed at his alien band. They'd been hearing about Europeans since Leif Ericson.

Then Inuits kidnapped five of his crew. Frobisher snatched up some mineral samples, took a hostage, and headed home. Back in England, one of his samples looked like it might contain gold. The Royal assayer said no -- it was fool's gold. But England was hungry for the kind of wealth Spain had been looting out of Central America. That rock had to be gold. Finally they found an Italian assayer who said it was low-grade gold ore.

So merchants formed a Cathay Company and sent Frobisher back to the Arctic. The Queen named him the Admiral-of-Cathay. He set up a small fort on Baffin Island. He learned about the Inuits. This time he brought 200 tons of ore back to England. When it proved worthless, his backers assumed Frobisher had just mined in the wrong place. They outfitted a third and much larger voyage.

They sent 15 ships to build a colony. This time Frobisher realized he'd found an Arctic bay, not China. When he brought back 1100 tons of worthless ore, that should've been IT. But it wasn't. They asked him to make yet a fourth voyage. This time he said, "No!" He wanted to find the Northwest Passage, not set up trading posts. He wanted action. Later, he fought the Spanish Armada with Drake. He finally died in an action against the French.

And there you have it - “comedy gold” - a man so confused as to his whereabouts, prospects, and fortune as to be worthy more of the pillory stocks than leading a succession of completely failed expeditions to the Arctic. What should have served as a cautionary tale for those who would follow in the foolish fellows’ footsteps -

instead turned into a template for misadventure - and how to NOT go about the business of colonizing ‘new worlds’ - or conducting expeditions thereabouts! Now the final crop of ghoulish fools who follow in his ‘mis-steps’ are going ga ga over the ‘fools gold’ of a leftish utopian misadventure sure to end up with their own extinction. Or - as we’ve come to call it here -

“the thirst for annihilation” …. in the midst of which, amnesiac westerlings will need be prompted to remember - way back - last summer, at very this point, being the build up to a series of provocations culminating in the ‘RITTENHOUSE’ psyop…

so as to dutifully prepare for this summers’ rendition - in which the ‘UNIVERSALLY REVILED’ Kamala/Kali is placed in a WH chair from which the last, tired white man is booted! That’s right; no longer is it good enough to replace the has been white guy puppet with the has been white women puppet! We must go directly to = person of color, of the female persuasion - who - once mysteriously ensconced in that office, will be announcing their membership in the ‘rainbow’ gender-fluid ranks - and

then the dike will really be fully ‘holed!’ And “u” evicted from your last ‘hidey hole!’

As it turned out, the rich vein of mine own past would prove to be right here - in Anatolia - from where wandering forbears had sojourned forth long before Piri Reis had made his map - before returning, just like me, to start the cycle anew! Whoo Knew?

Not I. Until I needed to become another guy, other than just another honkey dude dreaming of ‘extinction!’ Luckily, like “Felix” - life had secretly equipped me with a ‘bag o tricks’ with which to make things turn out ‘right!’

just another ‘souvenir/collectors item’ now - that its all over, save the screaming!

Overthrowing that identity has proven to be my most important task… yet one completely unanticipated, when I set out to document what would turn out to indeed be - the COLLAPSE OF THE WEST.

Mining the rich seam of the ‘really real’ - here in an Anatolia ‘time outta mind’…

this soul survivor has taken on the unfinished business of his hero “Deputy Dawg” and with the childish innocence inimical to all that is evil, refused to ‘stand down’ in the face of kabbalist hijinks, and ‘jabbalist’ blather.

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